Student Testimonials


“I'm glad to be a University Rank holder in this Institution. My college days are the best part of my life. My department encouraged me throughout the academic & providing an exceptional integrated learning environment. I am really grateful to my teachers who have changed my whole career aspect towards learning.”.

I express my heartfelt thanks to the institution for giving me the perfect opportunity to explore myself. I always remember them with great respect and always be thankful.

V Keerthana | B.Sc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics | 2018-2021 Batch | FOOD ANALYST , SIMHA BIOTECH PVT LTD ,CHENNAI

I never thought that B.Sc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics at Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science would be a turning point in my life.

As a student who majored in nutrition, I can confidently say that my experience in the department has been nothing short of transformative. The knowledgeable faculty members provide invaluable insights and guidance, allowing me to delve deep into the science of nutrition and develop practical skills that I can apply in real-world settings. The hands-on learning opportunities, such as laboratory experiments and community outreach programs, have enriched my understanding of nutrition and reinforced the importance of promoting health and wellness.

My sincere gratitude to the support of my professors and peers, I am now pursuing my masters in the field of nutrition.

Mushrath Begum A | B.Sc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics | 2019-2022 batch |

I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional education and experience I received at our esteemed institution, particularly within the Department of Home Science -Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. The curriculum and teaching methodologies have been exemplary, providing me with a solid foundation in the field.

The department's dedication to fostering practical skills alongside theoretical knowledge has been instrumental in preparing me for real-world challenges in the field of nutrition and dietetics. The faculty members' expertise, guidance, and support have truly been invaluable throughout my academic journey.

I extend my sincerest gratitude to Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science for providing such a conducive learning environment and for continually striving for excellence in education.

Furthermore, I am excited to share that I am taking a step forward in my academic pursuits by pursuing a Master's degree in Food technology, building upon the strong foundation laid by the Department of Home Science- Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. Once again, I thank the college and my dear faculty members for the transformative experience and the opportunities for growth and development.

Dharshini D | B.Sc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics | 2020-2023 batch |


“It was a great honor and privilege to present "Inscripting the Dissertation" to the intellectual crowd of students, Research scholars and faculties of Mohammed Sathak arts and science college. I was greatly inspired by their attention and discipline throughout the program. The discussion with the research scholars at the end of the session, showed their curiosity and knowledge towards the subject, hopefully the impulse was from their guides. I would like to add the hospitality of the college and their perseverance to show the right path to their students. I was inspired by the team work and the guidance lead by the head of the department of Microbiology ”.

I. Arockia Alexander, | MSc, MPhil, MBA, MA | | Manager, Centralised Books Pre-editing Team.Newgen Knowledge Works


“I wish to express my words about Post graduate Department of Microbiology of Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science, Sholinganallur, Chennai from every single perspective of academics, teachers and wonderful ambiance to learn. The professors were devoted and co-operative. The extracurricular, cultural and social activities were very helpful to bring us as unique individuals. We had very good facility in all aspects including library. The college encouraged us to pursue higher education as well as responsibilities. The college systematized various pre-placement programs. Really, I am proud of being a student of Microbiology department. I am serving the students in placement now. I wish to continue the relationship as an alumnus of the college to provide the services of the future microbiologists.”.

G.Bhoopathi | Director Quality Assurance | | Novitium Pharmaceuticals.


“Thanks for the invitation and it was an honor to me as one of the guest speaker on "National Science day" celebration conducted by Post Graduate and Research Department of Microbiology. It is really a pleasure in associating myself with the students, scholars and faculty members of the department. I found the students were very interactive during the talk of "Deep sea Microorganisms and their biotechnological potentials" National Science Day is celebrated to blowout a message about the importance of science used in the daily life of the people. It was a very enriching experience and indeed I had a great time in exhibiting the research activities, efforts and accomplishments in the field of science for human welfare. It is renowned to discuss all the issues and implement new technologies for the expansion in the field of science, Really I am very happy with Post Graduate and Research Department of Microbiology of Mohamed Sathak college of Arts and Science in arranging such excellent programmes as for as the human welfare is concerned. The entire team did a fantastic job and I wish all the students and faculty members to achieve greater heights in their career”.

Dr. A. Ganesh kumar | ESSO Earth System Science Organisation | | Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India.


“I completed my under graduation from PG Department of Microbiology, Mohamed Sathak college of arts and science (MSCAS), Sholinganallur, Chennai. I am currently working as Scientist B at ICMR-National Institute of Epidemiology. I was fortunate enough to have studied from MSCAS. Getting into the medical field was my passion. My mentors use to say that have faith in your abilities and never lose hope. It’s never too late. Right from the beginning at the Microbiology department, the basic medical science foundation was laid strongly to me. The hands-on practical's made me a good researcher today. I had been actively involved in exploring my potential. MSCAS has provided me with roots to follow my dreams and passion. I am exploring my potential in every sphere of life. I extend my heartfelt thanks to my alma-mater and mentors for their selfless efforts”.

Dr. G. Sathya Narayanan Ph.D., | B.Sc.,Mircorbiology | 2003-2006| Scientist-B (Adhoc-CDC-GHSA-FBS & AMR) Laboratory Division,ICMR-National Institute of Epidemiology Chennai, INDIA


“As a graduate of Mohd Sathak College, 1994-1997 batch, I know firsthand the high quality of education provided to students. I appreciate not only the education I received, but also the values that college instilled in me. I am also proud that the college has become a sustainable identity to society.

“A competitive, self-starter, disciplined and goal oriented professional with total of 20+ years Drug, Clinical, Research and Regulatory experience in Drug discovery with proven abilities in research, publication, project management, collaborative research, outsourcing, team leadership and people development . International experience in Malaysia for 5 Years for WHO projects.

Dr.Kalyan Kumar , Head Medical ERS HCL | | | Technologies Sholinganallur


“We are very much impressed with Mr. Musthaq Ali Abbas, an alumnus of Post Graduate and Research Department of Microbiology, Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science, Chennai. It is a pleasure in associating with Mr. Musthaq Ali Abbas who is working as quality control microbiologist at our ITC water company. He is very sincere and dedicated in his work. His professionalism goes above and beyond his level of commitment. He is consistent and reliable in serving us to provide high quality product and very diligent and responsible in every job he prepares. We look forward to receive such students from the reputed Institution, Mohamed Sathak college of Arts and Science in future also. We are so delightful to receive the service of Mr. Musthaq Ali Abbas at our company. ”.

ABDUL DHOSARI | Managing Director, | | ITC.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Principal for having given me the opportunity to do my M.Sc course in Post Graduate and Research Department of Microbiology at Mohamed Sathak college of Arts and Science, Sholinganallur, Chennai. I have a great greeting to the Head and faculty members who rendered me the maximum support to finish my studies. The trail presented by the entire team brought me to this level. The wide range of curricular and co-curricular activities helped me in countless conducts. The ambience of the college has always been so positive and encouraged me to achieve this level. I am very much delightful to express my countless memoirs and 'earnings from the college. I believe in the quotation that hard work never fails when surrounded by right intellects ”.

M. MUSTHAQ ALI ABBAS | Managing Director, | | ITC.


“I wish to describe my words about Undergraduate Department of Microbiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science, Sholinganallur, Chennai. Begining from every single perspective of students, academics, lectures and delightful ambience to provide training. We like to give our heartful thanks to the professors who took initiation to provide medical coding training. They are harmonious and helpful throughout the training phase. The students are energetic and responsible towards the training even though in hardest circumstances. I hope this training program will help the students to enhance the perspective of their career is broad and have numerous opportunities. And I wish to continue the collaboration and servige in upcoming academic years. I like to share my gratitude to the management of Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science for considering MIIT Global Services for the training program. ”.

Madhan C | Managing Director | | MIIT Global Services


“I feel pleasure to say few words about Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science, Sholinganallur, Chennai. I had a great opportunity to offer DMLT course to the students of Post Graduate and Research Departments of Biochemistry and Biotechnology and Microbiology . We have signed an MOU on 06.07.2017 (06.07.2017 to 05.07.2022) with the departments. The departments provided us with lot of facilities and moral support to conduct the training program in a well-organized manner. Sixteen students have been positioned in various laboratories. We are ready to endure the training and placement of the students of Post Gradual and Research Departments or Biochemistry and Biotechnology and Microbiology in future also. I am very thankful to the Principal and team of staff members ”.

Dr. C. Uthirakumar | PhD | |

“I am happy and privileged to provide this testimonial for the Department of Microbiology, Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Sciences (MSCAS), Sholinganallur, Chennai. I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a student at MSCAS, and not at any other private college in Chennai. The thing I admire the •most about MSCAS and especially the Department of Microbiology is the wonderful faculty we had and whose support and encouragement I abundantly received. Looking back, I can see and say that my study period (1998-2000) at MSCAS was extremely important for me as a stepping stone in my doctoral education and subsequent career. I take this opportunity to wish my College and my Department the very best in all their wonderful endeavors to scale newer heights in academic and research excellence."



“When I started my BBA in Mohamed Sathak College of Arts & Science. I was trained in my specific subjects by the most efficient faculty members for which am extremely greatful.I had lecturers who were keen to see me grow. Few years down the line. I was placed in TCS.Thank you Mohamed Sathak College for building my career”.

Radhakrishnan.V | BBA | 2011 - 2014| Radhakrishnan.V,Senior Associate,TCS, Bangalore.

“When I joined BBA in Mohamed Sathak College, I was just a kid with dreams of becoming a Marketing Strategist. But I never knew “how am going to become one?”The extensive care from professors in analyzing the skills of students and paving their career paths made me who I am. Now, I am working as a Digital Strategist in Fintech Industry”. Batch: 2014-17.

RIYAZ | BBA | 2014 - 2017|


“I studied BBA In Mohamed Sathak College of Arts and Science amidst state of the art infrastructure accompanied by highly intellectual, experience and supportive Faculties. I have witnessed our skill and competence rising to zenith. The learner centric environment crafted here not only trained us in academic curriculum but also motivated us. The dynamic Management and professors here put their trust on the students to the fullest continuously support us to reach greater heights. On the whole, College pages of my life diary stand evergreen and my relationship with this place will remain forever”. Batch: 2011-14.

Gayathri.R | Advocate | 2011 - 2023| High Court, Madras.


I am ecstatic to commence my professional journey in a prestigious organisation like Collins. I owe this incredible opportunity to the unwavering support of my professors and the placement team. The four years spent at this institution have transformed my personality, honed my skills, and broadened my perspectives on the world. I feel immensely grateful for being a part of this outstanding academic community that has empowered me to pursue my dreams and achieve success in my career.

Sahana | Account Manager | 2014 - 2017| Bruhat Logistics in Chennai


“When I was joined BBA in MSCAS it was great opportunity to find myself. During the course I had learned many things for my career growth. Currently I am working as Director and Actor in kollywood industry. It was very grateful to studied in Mohamed Sathak College in Chennai”.

Malikkhan A | BBA | | Actor & Director


“It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my undergraduate Bachelor of Business administration (BBA) from Mohammed Sathak College of arts and Science. The relationship between faculties and students is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. Our college is well equipped with facilities that Brings about the best in us. The homely environment, dedicating teachers makes the students feel that they have selected the exact and the best college for their graduation”.

Hazeera Thabasum | BBA | | Associate fraud and claims Operation Representative,Wells Fargo, Chennai